January 26th, 2007

will work for food

This is a project about labour and barter economy. Let a robot work for you. The “Will Work For Food” vehicle is able to draw and whistle “Happy Birthday” and “The Internationale”. In return you are asked to send some food instead of money to a given address. You barter for the service the vehicle is providing. You do not own the vehicle. If you do not need or do not want it anymore, just pass it to somebody else or send it back.

1. I want a “will work for food” vehicle, how do I get one?
Just send some food in advance to this address. In return you will receive the “will work for food vehicle”
2. I already have a “will work for food” vehicle, for what can I use it?
You can use the vehicle for any purpose you like. You do not have to pay any money for this service, just send some food in return to this address. If you do not need the service anymore, you can pass the vehicle to somebody else or send it back to this address.
3. What do I need to get started?
If not already in place, insert a ball pen and batteries.
You must use AA chargeable batteries. Simply attach the battery clip and the vehicle will start to work.
4. Do you accept beverages?
Yes. Please pack carefully.
5. What happens, if no food is sent in return ?
You will receive very bad kharma.
6. Technical specification
The “will work for food” vehicle carries a flag, which says: “will work for food”. A microcontroller creates the “Happy Birthday/Internationale” melody. It is equiped with two motors, a 40 Ohm loudspeaker and a ball pen to make the drawings.

1. Unpack the vehicle carefully.
2. Insert ball pen.
3. Attach the “Will Work For Food” flag with a paper clip to the ball pen
4. Attach the battery clip (should start working ..)
5. Select a tune through jumper settings. No jumper means no sound. Let it run for a while. There is nothing wrong with changing jumper settings, while it is working.

7. What else?
If you like, drop me an email about your experiences with the vehicle.
I also appreciate to receive pictures showing the vehicle at work.
Send your mail to mail {at} willworkforfood.localhost

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