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Falafel connection: Live from Berlin

October 23rd, 2008 Istanbul

Monday, October 20, 2008
ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

Dozens of people gathered Saturday evening in a Galata restaurant to learn to make falafel with a twist: The chef was projected large and wizard-like over their heads via the Internet live from Berlin.
Julie Upmeyer and her “Virtual Chef” initiative held their borderless feast at Güney Restaurant, one of 40 venues that hosted events this weekend as part of this year’s art festival Visibility Project in Istanbul’s Galata neighborhood.

Upmeyer said she was amazed by the way cooking brought people together. “Chefs from the Güney kitchen worked side-by-side with Virtual Chef guests to fry falafel balls, while Galata locals were speaking live with our chef in Berlin in Turkish, English and German.”

Hoping to open people’s eyes to the “unseen,” the one-day fest combined everything from art exhibits in teahouses to oddball performances on sidewalks. In this respect, Virtual Chef’s connection to a chef in Germany, who had sourced his ingredients in exchange for providing a service, certainly suited the vision of the festival.

The story behind the dish

The project began when chef Karl Heinz Jeron sent the group a list of ingredients to collect for the meal. As they searched for the ingredients, the participants met people and explored places and shops new to them. While watching each other via a live media stream on Internet TV, Jeron shared with them the story behind his version of the falafel.

His project “Will Work For Food” explores the labor and barter economy. During the project, he provided small robotic vehicles that traded their manpower for food. The vehicles can draw and whistle. In exchange for a bit of food, people borrowed the vehicles to serve their needs. He received lentils, flour, arugula salad, garlic, lemon and some spices and herbs.

That’s when a falafel recipe came to Jeron’s mind. He customized the recipe, replacing the chickpeas with lentils and adding flour to make the dough a bit more solid. After practicing for some time, he agreed to join Virtual Chef and share the fruits of his barter.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Upmeyer said food was universal and commonplace, though ultimately quite personal. “Eating is the closest connection our body has to the outside world.”

Julie Upmeyer or

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Turkish Delight

October 21st, 2008 Istanbul

The Turkish food delivery travelled from Istanbul to Amsterdam and finally to Berlin.
Looks like I am able to prepare proper Köfte burgers now. Cheers to Julie Upmeyer who runs Caravansarai a
meeting point and project space in Istanbul.

Virtual Chef

October 13th, 2008 Istanbul

Public cooking session at:
meeting point and project space in Istanbul

Saturday, October 18, 2008
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Güney Restorant, Galata Tower Square / Güney Restorant, Galata Kulesi Meydan?
?ahkap? Sok. 28 Kuledibi
Istanbul, Turkey

I will cook one of my Will Work For Food favourites. The cooking will be transmitted from Berlin to Istanbul via Skype.

18 Oct 2008 9pm GMT

Virtual Chef – Galata

Saturday October 18th, 2008

Günay Resteraunt, Galata Tower Square, Istanbul, Turkey

19:00 (21:00 GMT)

We will be connected to Karl Heinz Jeron in Berlin, Germany,

who will instruct us how to make his special version of Falafel.

The project began by making a connection with Karl, who sent us a list of ingredients to collect for the meal.

We then start our research.

– Where can we find these ingredients in Galata?

– How does the culinary traditions of another region affect the tastes of Turkish ingredients?

As we source the ingredients, we gather information, meet people, explore new parts of our surroundings.

On the night of the dinner, as part of the Visibility Project – 4 in Galata, we are connected live to our ‘virtual’ chef with sound and video.

He takes us step by step through the cooking of the meal, sharing memories or other stories associated with the food being cooked.

When the food is finished, we eat together.

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working in Instanbul

April 14th, 2007 Istanbul

cookies and vinegar
My friends Christoph Tempel and Christine Kriegerowski took a vehicle to Istanbul. They gave it to Genco Gülan from Instanbul Contemporary Art Museum. As Christoph and Christine said, Genco realy liked the perfomance of the vehicle. He donated the cookies. The vinegar made from pomegranate is a gift by Christoph and Christine. They could not resist to try out the vehicle.
Genco Gülan

Genco Gülan with “Will Work For Food” vehicle in a cafe in Instanbul