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What a surprise

July 21st, 2008 Dresden

Fantastic food from Dresden arrived.

Harriet and Peter from Norten Comander Productions have sent:
Bohemian Oblaten with Chocolate Cream made from the original Karlsbad recipe. These thin chocolate wafers are slightly sweetened and have a delicious chocolate cream filling. Each wafer is approximately 7 inches round.

2006er Weißburgunder Pillnitzer Königlicher Weinberg – o.G. Winzergenossenschaft Meissen- Sachsen [Saxonia], 2006

Delicious local honey

Organic sheep chees from Schuberts Milchschafhof

and Dresdner Russisch Brot by Dr. Quendt

Was ist das Wert / What Does Value Mean

June 23rd, 2008 Dresden

Happening at Kunstforum Hellerau Dresden, while “Was ist das Wert”.


June 16th, 2008 Dresden


„Was ist das WERT“ Festspielhaus Hellerau
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56 • D-01109 Dresden
The Wert/Value perfomance reenacts Karl Marx’s contribution (VALUE, PRICE AND PROFIT) to a discussion on trade union activity that took place at a meeting of the General Council of the International Working Men’s Association in April, 1865.


While baking fortune cookies and reading chapter VI (Value and Labour) of “Value, Price and Profit”, one of my vehicles is drawing and whistling the Internationale. The cookies are filled with snippets of the drawings.

VI. Value and Labour (Economic Manuscripts: VALUE, PRICE AND PROFIT)
Citizens, I have now arrived at a point where I must enter upon the real development of the question. I cannot promise to do this in a very satisfactory way, because to do so I should be obliged to go over the whole field of political economy. I can, as the French would say, but “effleurer la question,” touch upon the main points. The first question we have to put is: What is the value of a commodity? How is it determined?

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